Another area I felt could use more diversity is the music associated with Children’s literature.   Specifically, R&B and Hip Hop and Soul styled music is mostly absent from stories with music. One of my passions is writing music, so I wrote original songs to Joshua’s Amazing Gift. When I read to my son, the more interactive stories are the more he is engaged. Moreover, a former elementary teacher of mine informed me of the value of using music with developmentally delayed children. I encourage you to listen to the samples as you read the story to your children to help them learn the songs.

You can listen to all the songs below within the story as well as hear each page read aloud with the interactive version of the book available at  Apple iBooks Store or get the kindle version at Amazon.com

The songs are available for purchase at iTunes, & CD Baby.com


My Imagination Show (Sample)


I am Home (Sample)


Every Friday (Sample)


Dance to my Groove (Sample)


Joshua’s Basketball Song (Sample)


If you have feedback regarding the music or have any questions, feel free to contact Dietrich at: Thompsondietrich3@yahoo.com